Every organisation comes across incidents that can concern the wellbeing of the employee, employer or even the organisation as a whole. If such situations are not addressed during the inception, this could lead to drastic measures that come with an equally detrimental price. It is important to address the issues in a way that is effective and legal. Far too often, employee incidents and grievances are swept under the rug with the explanation that the issue is “under investigation”. This can trigger employee dissatisfaction, reduce performance levels, elevate turnover and can even rise legal problems. At the same time grievance handling is not an easy task, hence using an HRIS can be a support throughout the entire process.


Every business depends on their customers and happy customers depend on happy and motivated employees. This may seem like a basic theory that everyone knows but finds it difficult to implement. Unfortunately, the holiday season makes it much more difficult for both the customers and your employees. With everybody in a rush to get things done before the vacation begins can be a strenuous task leading to a more frustrating situation than a joyful one. This becomes more disastrous with employees going on leave or pretty much not in the mood to give out their 100%.


The most frequent problem that almost every organisation face during recruitment would be the ‘Skill Gap’. This scenario can be analysed from two perspectives, the employer’s view and the job seeker’s view. While employers can’t fill positions because job seekers lack adequate skills/training for the opening, many job seekers tend to not apply for certain vacancies as they are intimidated from applying to the wrong job due to confusions and improper job descriptions.