Social media has a significant importance for an organization in terms of their marketing activities and to promote their brands and products online. However it has been identified that it could also help HR departments of organizations immensely in the recruitment process when hunting for potential candidates for the vacancy that needs to be filled up.

Social media has become very popular globally in the recent years and it has become one of the key elements that could influence people’s lives as well. Facebook, the most popular social media website is known to be having over 1.3 billion monthly active users. Also Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are reported to be having over 540 Million, 255 Million, 187 Million and 1 Billion monthly active users respectively. The younger generation hardly uses newspapers as a medium when hunting for jobs as more people are turning to social media for their job finding needs. Organizations does not have to incur a huge cost like they used to do in the good old days since social media allows them to reach their advertisement or the post on their social media page to be directed at the target audience which directly can be interested or having the necessary skills for the particular vacancy. The initial screening process is also can be carried out more effectively than phone screening and filtering resumes based on skills and qualifications.

HR professionals can have better understanding of the candidate by going through their social profiles. Some things are just not included on any ones resumes where there is a high tendency that a particular person’s social media account would reflect their personality and other information

better, which could be very useful during the screening process. Also social media advertisement could reach people who are not searching for jobs but has the right capability to perform the particular job depending on their area of interest. Social media can be mainly used to evaluate the cultural fit of candidates and to communicate the business values and missions which could attract top talents to the organization.

However research shows that social media as a job searching tool is mostly preferred by the generation Y and Z, where out of the social media users, 89 % of 18-29 olds are on social media. Social recruitment is becoming more trending and will be one of the most preferred ways of recruiting people for organizations in the future. HR professionals, recruiters and hiring managers have accepted that using social media in the recruiting process has so far been very effective.