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When meeting corporate goals and objectives, increasing employee productivity is critically important for an organisation. It has been identified by many professionals that measures for increasing employee productivity is one major element that has been ignored by many organisations. HR professionals focus more on establishing policies, procedures and people management while missing out on employee outputs.

In the current context of doing business, making inputs more productive while achieving effective and efficient outputs are core issues of many organisations. Working longer hours and working during weekends are the most common solution organisations come up with in order to increase the output levels. Practicing this might be a temporary answer for the issue and in the long run employee productivity could fall drastically instead of a projected rise which ultimately impacts the profitability of an organisation. Although employees of an organisation has a role to play, the organisation and HR professionals has to bear a large proportion of the responsibility when overcoming from these issues.

This might seem a bit hard in the beginning when an organisation try to change how things are done since a lot of employees are afraid of change. However the key is to get employees to work more efficiently and effectively. So how can we get them to work in that manner? It is said that happy employees are productive employees. Indeed this is proven to be true because generally humans are more energetic, helpful and always try to achieve more when they are happy. It is not hard as you might think to create a workplace full of happy faces. And happiness does not mean a salary increase all the time, researches shows that employees expects them to be valued and appreciated by the organisation for what they do. But is this the only way? No there are many other things that an organisation has to look at.

Organisations need to provide proper infrastructure and facilities for the employees to get their work done faster. If employees can use the given resources in an efficient manner in terms of time and money, it will result in a faster, accurate and improved output. Faster internet access, training programs, new equipment and devices are few things that would make sure the job is performed without any delays or frustration. Hiring also has an impact on the productivity levels of employees. Compromising capabilities over cost could have a negative impact on the productive as well.

When an organisation and their employees are productive, it will help cutting down excess payroll cost and getting more done in a lesser time. Also it allows the organisation to increase profit margins, deliver on time and in line with the budget which will increase customer satisfaction and people will have more time to brain storm, discuss, suggest and come up with new ideas to grow the business. Keep them focused, keep them loyal, keep them happy and most importantly make them feel special.