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modern world things change in a flash. Technological advancement has changed many things. May it be corporates, consumers or employees, their requirement and the way they handle things have changed overtime. The key focus of HR professionals and senior management is on how employees will evolve in the future and how it will affect corporates as well as the consumers in the modern world.

Employees are no longer the same as they were years ago and they will continue to evolve in the future. Change is inevitable and the employees keep evolving rapidly with the dynamic world in the future. The concept of flexible work was not there in the past but now we see most of the organisations starting to adapt this concept. This enables the employee to work anytime from anywhere. Employees will not have to go to an office or work within a particular time period. In the future employees will prefer companies that provide flexible working hours over others. It can have a major impact on the productivity levels of each employee.

Restrictions from bringing in personal equipment in to the office will not be there anymore. Employees will be able to use whatever the devices they want to get the job done. Some organisations have already started the “bring your own device” concept which allows employees to use their personally owned devices for office work.

The focus will move from inputs to outputs of an employee. Evaluation will not be done based on how many hours an employee sits and does their work but based on what they have produced. Employees will be encouraged to produce the perfect output no matter how many hours they put in to it. This way the organisations will also get benefited with less hassle.

Furthermore the concept of climbing the corporate ladder will die. Employees will start building their own career paths and how they work. Starting as a trainee and climbing up the ladder up to director level or further will not be there anymore. Organisations are gradually adapting to these changes taking place as a result of employee evolution.

Information is a key success factor and most of the employees were reluctant to share information with each other. Keeping information with them was seen in the past but this culture is fading away with new collaboration platforms coming in to play. In the future the employees will be more encouraged to share the knowledge and information they have as organisations introduce incentives for new ideas and innovations.

This evolution will have greater impact on organisations as it changes the way things are being carried out in the future. It is important to be ready for the change than trying to react to it and fail.