motivate your employees

The realisation that another year has passed by like the wind come to our minds as we get ready to step into another new year. And with 2017 being right around the corner, we all look forward to better year. On 1st of January, every employee walks in to work with the hope of starting new with greater opportunities and possibilities. It’s as if the entire world resets their clocks to a new beginning giving the chance for all to start over. This is the perfect opportunity to make sure your employees don’t carry forward any regrets as they start the New Year. This checklist will help motivate your employees for the coming year.

Recap of the year

Making sure that the annual appraisal are done before the year ends, is a very important item of this list. Knowing how they performed that past year gives them the opportunity to step into the New Year with a fulfilled feeling. And if they have performed well, make sure that they know, that you, as their supervisor/manager appreciate it. A simple job well done makes a significant difference and it gives them the chance to celebrate the year with a positive note in mind.

Goals for the coming year

This is often an area that is put on the back burner, although it is something of extreme importance. It is important that your employees know what their goals for the coming year is and how those goals align with those of the department. Most often employees who are of the operational level are unaware of how their contribution adds up to the department and the company as a whole. Every effort counts and those that put in the hard work should be aware of how it makes a difference.

Annual salary raise

This is a rather sensitive topic that most of us are hesitant to address. The amount an employee gets paid at the end of each month is a significant contributor to their level of motivation. And the end of a year is a perfect time to address the matter. If you have already gone through an increment cycle then this will not apply although if it’s been a while since the last salary increment then it’s time to evaluate and make sure that the company salary scale matches that of the market rate.

Evaluate wants and needs

Once the appraisal process is complete, before you release the employee, ask these few questions from him/her to understand what they desire from their workplace. What would make your work here easier? Is there anything that stand between you and your work? And finally, anything that you would like to improve in your work experience? These questions will help you identify what exactly they want and what they really need. Maybe those are a few options that you could grant them as a New Year’s gift.

Check the work atmosphere

Many times we fail to take a good look at the workplace, whether it’s the interior decoration or even the desk space. And if the workplace isn’t the most visually pleasing, it’s time to make a change. A coat of paint, a few inexpensive decorations or maybe replacing desks and chairs will brighten everyone’s year. The environment plays a major role in a person’s mood, and a fresh new outlook will help increase their motivational levels.

These are some of the many checklist items that you need to cross off before waving goodbye to this year. As the New Year approaches, every employee will be grateful and more enthusiastic to walk in to work with a few new changes.