doing things

As the New Year hype slowly dies down we all get use to the more routine ways of doing things. Does the New Year mean anything to your company? Does it make changes or is it just another year in the calendar? Now as you ask these question from yourself, surely the next question that pop into your head is, Should we make changes? And the answer is always yes. Here are a few thing to consider from the trends of 2017.

Work on the side of work

As confusing as that sounds it is exactly what it means, it is what many now refer to as freelance. This is usually a way to make some extra money while working a permanent job, ranging from graphic design, photography and content writing to even web development. This becomes a good opportunity for recruiters to find valuable resources that will get the job done. If it doesn’t need to be a desk job then the best option is to outsource the task. The costs involved will be lesser and will not take up the company resources unnecessarily. This is win-win scenario for both freelancers and those that are interested in obtaining their services as well.

A visual introduction

To those that are unfamiliar with the concept this may sound rather alienating but it is a very simple concept to adapt to your next interview. A candidate may find this is a nerve wrecking experience as it involves giving a formal introduction on video that will ultimately be your resume to potential employers. Although this is a key to convenience to the recruiters that will now be able to meet the candidate visually and make the initial selection. This becomes a test of how well a candidate communicates, the level of confidence to speak to a camera, the planning that was put in to picking the right background/atmosphere and the content they chose to portray.

Opportunity to grow and train

If you still believe that a salary raise will be enough reason for an employee to leave his/her current job then its time to think differently. A five or six figure salary now will not be the only reason for someone to joining a company. As the generations change, so does their thinking patterns, and the new generation demands growth and proper training over a few extra bucks. The need for constant growth in knowledge and experience has become the main purpose of their existence in a workplace. If they don’t get that, they are more than ready to up and leave. Unfortunately this is an area that many organisations lack in and that has become reason for losing valuable resources unnecessarily.

These changes are on the tip of the iceberg that is recruiting. As a company it is important to identify and locate the places where it require change. There may be a million trends that come and go but identifying which works best and which is more suitable for the atmosphere relies solely on the company itself.