Habits of a high performing team

With the business atmosphere constantly changing and technology playing a major role in those changes, every organization is on the lookout for individuals that can keep pace with the movements. Now this is when the management seeks to create teams that are high performing and capable of handling a great deal of pressure that come with the competition. So how do you identify a high performing team? Here are a few habits that might give it away or that will help create one.

A formal recap of yesterday

Nobody likes to start the day with a meeting but some enjoy going through the progress, review and rate the day before and plan for the day ahead. This way you know the team is on top of the game and nothing goes unnoticed. Here’s a quality that lets you know that they are aware and most importantly they care about the work at hand. It’s a commitment not a mere task for them.

Always informed & updated

A team that doesn’t have gaps of knowledge, that doesn’t look surprised when asked about a something that is not their field of expertise. They know what happens within the team and in the organisation. They make sure everyone is aware of every decision made and no one is left in the dark. Making sure if one is not available the other will be competent enough to take over.

Strong, confident & ready

When the going gets tough, a team should be able to handle the pressure to keep moving forward. A team that doesn’t step back when someone’s in trouble but rather makes it their priority to make things right. Not for personal benefit or extra credit but for team spirit. A group of people that got each other’s back no matter how big the problem might be.

Trust & respect

An important part of any team, is the trust and respect they have for each other to continue as a team. How confident they are of each other to pull off a project or take on an important responsibility. This allows them to think out of the box as a team and not worry about who would mess it up or if someone would continue without the team.


New things don’t just happen, they take a while to become something amazing. Brainstorming can take a while and might not be everyone’s first preference, but this get ideas moving. Those little thoughts that some have at the back of their heads come out and blend with others, making something extra ordinary. A team that enjoys creating something new keeps the organization moving forward.

Being in and working in a team is a tough task on its own, to be a great high performing one requires attributes that not many teams possess. A team that is determined to achieve together is a team that wouldn’t fear away from an opportunity or ignore new possibilities. Introducing these habits will allow teams within the organisation to move forward without internal conflicts blocking the way.