A Recruitment Guide to Hire Right!

It’s the newbie time, where most companies are looking for interns that will bring a new perspective and start filling the long overdue job openings. Then comes in the questions, where do we advertise? How do we get the right person? Will it reach the right audience? The challenge is knowing what exactly to do when it comes to recruitment. Because hiring an employee comes with a lot of pressure. Although from the outside it just looks like just picking the most qualified one from the bunch, people forget that the competition is much more intense now. Everyone’s qualified and they have all done every degree and diploma in the book. So picking just the right one from couple of hundred applications becomes a tough one. Here are a few tips to ease the pain!

>Do your research!

Most of us know the basics of recruitment. You get the content ready, advertise, shortlist and pick the best one. Well that’s the short version, the process isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are a couple of road blocks that you run into when it comes to executing this. Will the candidate pick your company over a competitor? Is the salary and benefits package good enough? Is it a good place to be? What makes it good? To answer all these question you need a whole lot of research. Keep tabs on competitors and make sure to stay updated. Recruitment takes preparing so start early and position yourself to fit the atmosphere that you compete in.

Who is the right person?

The obvious answer is the one that fits the description although there is more to the candidate than just the description reads. The qualities that you seek might run deeper than qualification. Define what the qualities should be and how those qualities will be measured. Not everyone will have what you are looking for and not every question will get you the answers you want to know whether he/she is the right fit. When it comes to soft skills it becomes harder to tell because many put on the face you want to see to get the job. Figure out how far you would want to go to verify the qualities you look for, depending on their importance.

Go beyond the traditional ad

The good old newspaper ad was the things of the past, although there are still some positive responses to it. That doesn’t necessary prove itself affective. Instead turn to the platform that everyone now lives in, social media. That will definitely spread the word, but don’t just stop there, let your employees know that you are on the lookout and offer a bonus payment if the nominated candidate gets selected. If you have employees who have left but in good terms, reach out and check if they would consider rejoining. And get the word out by participating in job fairs and exhibitions to gain more exposure.

Hire for keeps

Now the hiring part is only one part of the process, the hardest part is keeping them from leaving that will stop you from going back on the same hunt. Make your organisation a place that people want to continue working for by making work nothing but a pleasant experience. Offering them a competitive compensation package, benefits, training, and building a workspace that is not only safe but comfortable to work in is the route to take if you want them to be satisfied. This is not a onetime thing, it’s a continuous build that takes up quite a bit of research, funds and time.

Recruitment is a long and tedious process and simplifying it requires a great deal of preparation. The work that goes in to the process creates the foundation that will help in building a strong workforce. A workforce that will grow with the organisation and become a part of the growing family.