Every business depends on their customers and happy customers depend on happy and motivated employees. This may seem like a basic theory that everyone knows but finds it difficult to implement. Unfortunately, the holiday season makes it much more difficult for both the customers and your employees. With everybody in a rush to get things done before the vacation begins can be a strenuous task leading to a more frustrating situation than a joyful one. This becomes more disastrous with employees going on leave or pretty much not in the mood to give out their 100%.

Likewise, in order to get through successfully throughout the season would be to get into the good books of your employees and create an enthusiastic workforce.

Planning the season out.

Planning helps the whole organisation to get a kick start for the season. This just does not include planning out what needs to be done for the season but whereas planning out includes planning the employee activities and days off. This means the workload can be organised among the rest of the employees and the ideal cover up can also be found depending on the workload helping for a smooth flow in achieving customer satisfaction. This can be further carried out by meeting your employees every day to discuss what went wrong, what went right and what can be improved.

Bring out the Christmas spirit.

Motivating your employees and getting them excited for the season helps them bring out the cheer in their work as well. Whether it is directly handling customers or a back office job, bringing out the excitement helps employees get through their work more effectively. While many organisations follow different mechanisms such as playing Christmas carols, office get together, secret Santa and many other activities, even treats from cookies to chocolates to hampers help to motivate employees and show a sense of appreciation towards their dedication.

Employee rotation.

Everyone awaits a period of time off during the holiday season. Unfortunately due to workloads and deadlines most instances have some employees on leave while another set forgoes this pleasure. This may not seem like a problem and can even be a generous voluntary action but there can be certain instances where a sense of boredom or inefficiencies arise among the employees turning up at work. A simple solution to overcome this situation would be to provide a fair chance to all. Whether it involves celebrating the season or not employees can be given an equal chance to take a break. This involves a rotation plan where one set of employees take leave while another takes the following week.

Obtaining the support of technology.

The basic concept of technology is to make the life of any individual easier. A HRIS solution can act as a helping hand in such situations in many ways to control employee related activities more efficiently. This includes handling time off requests, calculating the pay, assist recruitment needs, facilitate commuting and even enhance the entire communication process within the organisation. Such a support can be the ideal investment not just for the season but for the long run aswell.

As the holidays rapidly approach, it is important to remember that if you don’t provide excellent customer service and leave a pleasant experience with your customers, you’ll lose an opportunity to gain and retain valued customers hence blaming it on the season would not be a valid excuse.