plenty twenties

We have taken the liberty of breaking the different milestones of life, age wise, the plenty twenties, dirty thirties, naught forties, thrifty fifties and the list goes on. To a teenager this would not resemble much meaning but, to someone going through the stages, it will mean more than just a term. If you are in your plenty twenties and wondering why it is names plenty twenties? Well it’s mainly because of the plenty of Fun, Excitement, Friends, Adventure, Experiments and opportunities this phase holds. And in a career point of view this means more. The twenties is usually the beginning of a professional career and things get exciting and tough at the same time. Here are a few things to do, to make the most of those plenty twenties.

doing things

As the New Year hype slowly dies down we all get use to the more routine ways of doing things. Does the New Year mean anything to your company? Does it make changes or is it just another year in the calendar? Now as you ask these question from yourself, surely the next question that pop into your head is, Should we make changes? And the answer is always yes. Here are a few thing to consider from the trends of 2017.

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