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There many challenges faced by organisations in today’s corporate environment. Retaining employees has become one of the biggest challenges that organisations try to overcome. There are many reasons as to why people leave organisations or change jobs frequently. Most of these reasons could be caused by lack of skills by colleagues, poor management skills possessed by the senior management and immediate bosses, even self-dissatisfaction and other personal issues.

Who are these so called generation “Y”?

Why are they been spoken about often?

There are many questions one can come up with when talking about generation Y. Generation Y, also known as millennials are been placed in a demographic position using birth years ranging from the early 80’s to Late 90’s.

Every generation has its own attitudes, values and behaviors. Generation Y is considered different and difficult to handle in the work place by some. Yes they are different and it is only difficult to handle when people cannot understand what the difference is. Understanding Gen Y is essential in order to retain young employees to optimise productivity and grow. Generation Y (Gen Y) employees are tech savvy and capable of bringing new ideas and innovations into the work force similar to previous generations. Some employers say managing this group of workers has its ups and downs. They have opinions and they expect people to be interested. They believe in participation, interaction, discussion and collaborative decision making and want to be a part of the decision making process of the company.