A Recruitment Guide to Hire Right!

It’s the newbie time, where most companies are looking for interns that will bring a new perspective and start filling the long overdue job openings. Then comes in the questions, where do we advertise? How do we get the right person? Will it reach the right audience? The challenge is knowing what exactly to do when it comes to recruitment. Because hiring an employee comes with a lot of pressure. Although from the outside it just looks like just picking the most qualified one from the bunch, people forget that the competition is much more intense now. Everyone’s qualified and they have all done every degree and diploma in the book. So picking just the right one from couple of hundred applications becomes a tough one. Here are a few tips to ease the pain!

Habits of a high performing team

With the business atmosphere constantly changing and technology playing a major role in those changes, every organization is on the lookout for individuals that can keep pace with the movements. Now this is when the management seeks to create teams that are high performing and capable of handling a great deal of pressure that come with the competition. So how do you identify a high performing team? Here are a few habits that might give it away or that will help create one.

How to train without strain

Training is something like a fancy meal at a restaurant, you know you really need it, but you also know it will burn a whole in your pocket at the same time. When the recruitment streak is complete there is going to be a bunch of new faces that know nothing about how things work. Especially if you have brought in new talent straight from university. They are good at what they do but they need to know what to do and information surrounding those tasks. This is even applicable for those that are already at work but needs to be more updates to move forward. Here are a few ways to get the training without much straining.