Analytical tool module has a significant importance for the modern day organizations as it has the ability to generate ad-hoc, simple reports and analytics according to their requirements. Analytical module gives a whole new meaning to the raw data collected in the system. The module will store up to date information which would help the organization to find solutions for HR matters effectively.

There are major challenges faced by the HR heads of organizations when operating in current dynamic market conditions. The data they have in organizations are so unreliable and they cannot even make a simple decision based on that. Data collected in an organization is very important especially for the HR department and the senior management. Figuring out what to measure and how to measure is also an issue that is been identified by the HR professional in the industry. HR teams spends all their times creating reports and many organizations have failed in allocating a time that needs to interpret it while some are struggling to translate data in to workforce insight.

Our module helps to overcome these challenges with ease. Depending on the data input the module provides with reliable and accurate data for the HR professionals of an organization. It also has the ability to filter information as and when needed and have only the information which is required by them.

This module also integrates with all the other modules of the system and gives a real meaning for the data which are collected by other modules as well. Senior managers of organization’s does not have to waste time analyzing data and interpreting it when the need information and insights on HR.

However this creates a business need for HR analytics in terms of standalone HR data, where HR is operating with fully automated systems but the most of its data are only HR specific and does not reflect or help any other functions of the business. hSenid analytical module give insights that align with the business objectives. This module gives a situational analysis of an organization to give a better understanding of the situation before making decisions. Organizations are able to identify how to use each of their existing complex employees effectively and efficiently instead of just counting the number of heads. And it also gives an insight at a glance as to what skills and talents are being lost due to retirement of employees and leaving for many reasons.

The module gives a better opportunity to make employees more effective, empowered, and engaged in order to increase the value proposition of the organization. HR analytics provide insights for organizations to effectively manage their employees which would help the organization to drive its employees towards achieving goals and objectives effectively in a shorter period of time.