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Motivated employees are essential for an organisation in order to be successful. Almost every single organisation that operates at the present dynamic and competitive business world has understood that employee happiness and motivation plays a significant role in an organisation. But many organisations fail in providing with an environment that could motivate their employees. The ability to motivate employee is one of the greatest skill that any entrepreneur or a personnel in the top management should possess.

Most of the organisations believe that a higher pay could motivate and make employees happy. Some are motivated by money and some are not. So how can we motivate our employees? This is a question often top management and HR professionals come up with when operating in an organisation. The belief that a higher pay scale for new and existing employees and higher pay raises at the start of every calendar year alone would not motivate employees since employees cannot be motivated only by money. There are many things that an employee expects and prefers receiving from an organisation over money.

Some professionals may think that lack of money would make it hard for the organisation to motivate employees. But they do not necessarily have to spend more money on employees all the time. An organisation could do many things to uplift the employee morale and make them happy than offering them more money.

Importance of motivation is immense in an organisation. Motivated employees are always happy with what they do and the productivity levels are higher than an average person working at an office. Happy employees treat customers well and happy customers become loyal to the products which ultimately results in increased revenue for the organisation.

However most of the employees are not really happy either with their job or the organisation they work for. Managers have a significant role to play when it comes to employee motivation. Employees like to be appreciated for what they do and employee recognition is the most important factor that could enhance employee morale at the work place. They want to be treated with respect and in return they will reward the organisation and work harder towards achieving their assigned goals and objectives.

From the employer aspect they don’t have to do major things to make their employees happy. Employees love surprises and organisations could throw a surprise lunch for top performing teams or individuals. Also they could take measures to treat everyone like a leader, let them be heard and appreciate their efforts in company meetings would add a lot for their work place happiness. Applause from the manager and the team, and making collective ideas to improve things at office would have a significant impact on employee morale as well. In addition organisations should understand that the employees are adults and they want to be treated like it.

It is necessary to keep your employees motivation levels high in order be successful and maintain what you achieve. They will value organisations vision and mission and work towards it at a higher efficiency. Even though money plays a role in your employees life money is not the only thing that could motivate them and make them happy at their place of work.