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Work place negativity can occur due to many reasons. It can start with just one employee and then spread across the organisation. Soon, everyone in the workplace place will get affected and will result in reduced teamwork, productivity and employee morale causing job dissatisfaction.

Nothing affects employee morale more than workplace negativity. In the current highly competitive business environment, organisations can not afford to get hit by employee negativity. The cost of it is really high and Identifying the root cause and diminishing it is essential for an organisation to be more competitive in the business world.

Most organisations are becoming employee oriented in order to prevent any issues that could arise within the organisation. But when negative thinking hits an organisation even the most employee oriented organisation may experience a down fall. Negativity is an increasing problem in the workplace. Causes may vary from one organisation to another. No matter where this negativity starts from it could be cured or measures can be taken to minimize the damage it can have on the organisation.

It is identified that often negativity comes in to play due to personal issues of an employee. However negativity happens not only because of personalities. Sometimes it can occur when an organisational structure does not support the changes taking place in an organisation or even due to lack of communication within an organisation. Negativity is an attitude that we communicate at work. It could be verbally, vocally or visually. Managers and HR professionals need to be close with employees as it would help them get an early sense of negativity when it is about to arise or when an employee starts to feel it. This helps organisations prevent and cure workplace negativity.

It is important to diagnose the reason for negativity in the process of minimizing the damage it would cause. Whatever the reason may be, the organisation has to address it before it gets worse and affects the whole organisation’s performance at large. Proper communication is one of the key steps that can be taken to combat the negativity. Keeping employees regularly updated on the organisation’s plans and future activities will not let rumors pop up in an organisation. Eventually the employees will be ready for the changes that an organisation might go through. This will cause less or no harm to employee morale and will not let any room for negativity to arise among employees.

Managers and HR professionals play a major role when diagnosing the root causes for negativity and combating them. Once the problem is diagnosed the organisation can start working on diffusing the negativity. The spread of rumors and negative thoughts can be immediately stopped and make employees aware of the real situation.

An organisation does not need a strategy to prevent occurring negativity. Being aware of each employee and their needs will help the organisation prevent it. Opportunities given to employees to make decisions on their own job, making opportunities available, fairness and changing the way of treating people and most importantly communicating effectively and efficiently by making information available for all the employees at the same time are some of the measures that an organisation can take to combat negativity in an organisation.

There is a significant importance of minimizing work place negativity. Reacting fast when it occurs will help any organisation to overcome workplace negativity that persists in most of the organisations.