Rejected from the last interview?

Whether you are at the beginning of your career or looking for a change of positions, that moment you spot a potential job opportunity and forward your resume, it all becomes a waiting game. The expectations begin to surface as you get that first call for an interview. When the first interview goes well, it creates a sense of confidence. That’s when the hopes of being a part of that company sparks a sense of excitement as you look forward to a new beginning. This is usually when the bitter truth surfaces as the email reads “We regret to inform you...” without explanation to the real reason behind the decision.

Without reason your hopes shatter and it brings in a sense of confusion as you walk through the interview process in your head over and over again. The frustration sets in as you apply the next time and you prepare yourself to handle anything that might come your way. Here are a few reasons that might be behind the rejection.

The chemistry was not right

You walk out of the interview with a good feeling and when you run it back in your mind, it all sound perfect. You were confident and you said everything you were supposed to and you were yourself. Although everything went well in your mind the chemistry wouldn’t have been right for the employer. They would have liked you as person but a certain element that they seek for the job role might not have been in you.

You weren’t prepared for the job

Overconfidence has the tendency to shadow your judgment on how prepared you are for an interview. Walking in for an interview with confidence is a good thing although over confidence might make you think you just don’t need any background knowledge of the field or even the simplest things such as knowledge on the company. Starting the conversation with “Em” or “I’m not aware of that” is a good enough reason to be rejected showing your lack of interest in the job.

Inappropriate attire

The way you choose to present yourself will affect the level of confidence that you portray. The outfit you choose to wear will create confidence in the employer and portray your competence in fitting into a professional environment. The colors and the way you carry yourself in the choice of outfit will enables them to judge how appropriate you are to the chosen workplace.

Lack of interpersonal skills

You may sound amazing on paper and on the phone, but your level of communication in person might not be the best. The level of eye contact, use of appropriate words and the way you conduct yourself while you speak, matters. If you have been waving your arms around and using words that are quite not appropriate for a work atmosphere this may be the reason why you lost the chance.

Bad mouthing the previous employer

Your experience in the previous workplace might not be the best, although that doesn’t mean you should speak ill of the previous place of work to the potential. This shows an aspect of negativity that is equivalent to the “glass half empty” scenario. No matter how awful your previous experience was show nothing but gratitude to the place you worked for and the experience that it gave you.

Little details matter, and as in any situation in life, the smallest of details count and add up to the big picture that determines your suitability to the position. Even if it’s your first, tenth or one hundredth interview, pay the same level of attention and be prepared as this determines the next step of your career.