plenty twenties

We have taken the liberty of breaking the different milestones of life, age wise, the plenty twenties, dirty thirties, naught forties, thrifty fifties and the list goes on. To a teenager this would not resemble much meaning but, to someone going through the stages, it will mean more than just a term. If you are in your plenty twenties and wondering why it is names plenty twenties? Well it’s mainly because of the plenty of Fun, Excitement, Friends, Adventure, Experiments and opportunities this phase holds. And in a career point of view this means more. The twenties is usually the beginning of a professional career and things get exciting and tough at the same time. Here are a few things to do, to make the most of those plenty twenties.

Enjoy that freedom!

This is the time that you will the most free during your entire life. You have basically the task of working and taking care of yourself. No spouse, or kids that require your attention for the most part. This is the time that you get to discover your full potential and work as hard you can to make sure your stable when those responsibilities come crashing in. while furthering your career make it a change to network and build relationships with people that will guide and help you in your career path. Enjoy your free time with friends and learn as much as you can because when those responsibilities take priority and everything else fall right into the backburner for later.

Grab opportunities by the neck!

Many companies let young minds drive projects to get a fresh perspective. They let you learn and want to see you perform to your full potential. This is the time to leave the fear and nervous feeling behind and walk right in. The little experiences that you find challenging and very exhausting both physically and mentally will mold your future career. You will thank yourself later for going through that when a company values your hands on experience on a variety of projects. Work late nights and work hard to move forward to a place where you could walk in fearlessly knowing that you can land that job without a doubt.

Failures make you better

This is something that will hit you hard as you start work. A few points to improve on your review will feel soul crushing and something to do differently or the don’t dos will make you feel down. Well, it’s the start and if you don’t fail, you will not learn. Those little things to fix are better that the bigger mistakes that would get you fired. So stand straight and take that constructive criticism as a good thing and make sure it will not repeat for a next time. It’s nothing personal, the manager will not treat you differently and you are not the first to get those comments. Everyone starts from there, own it and make a move on it.

Have fun!

The most important part of doing anything, is knowing that you go home feeling fulfilled. Are you happy with what you are do for a living? Or are you doing it just because that’s what you got stuck with for a job? These questions are not hard to answer if you know how you feel about coming to work. This is the start of your career and if you feel tired of it already that is not a good feeling. You should work and retire with a job that you enjoy doing. You will perform best when you find the fun in that equation. When a new project feels like an adventure and you feel excited to do it all out of love for what you do. Find that and you will know how that feels.

Now the plenty twenties last a decade and when that ends, you should feel happy knowing you didn’t let it pass you by. Knowing that you lived every moment of your professional career doing something worthwhile.