An exclusive event revolving around the human-tech collaboration, was hosted recently by hSenid Business Solutions for partners and clients operating in the African region at the Crowne Plaza Nairobi Hotel, Kenya. The presence of Chairpersons, CEOs and HR Directors from leading organisations in Kenya made this event a success with the launch of the latest product upgrade.


Automation of HR processes can transform how your business operates and revolutionise your workforce experience. The key to this success though is selecting a well-designed, innovative and forward-looking solution that can grow with you.

PeoplesHR is a global, cloud HR solution that addresses the needs of both HR and of the workforce; helping transform how organisations understand, manage, engage and develop their people. So here’s the top 5 outcomes you can expect from HR technology:

Leverage AI recruiting

HR has always been a people’s game, just like the name suggests. Over the years, professionals in the industry have gone through many revelations, phases and processes to capture the best ways to improve the people management process. Although it is and always will be a constant process of future casting the people power of the organisation. So for many years, HR managers, executives, and staff have spent endless hours, planning, acquiring and managing the human elements that build the organisation. From interviews, reviews to grievances and requirement gathering, has been a face to face kind of business which has a long hefty paper trail with it. Which soon disappeared with the introduction of Human Resource Information Systems that took it from manual to technological in a spring. The latest addition to the HR community is the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) for the future of personnel management. This will change your organisation’s future workforce management completely, and here’s how!